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Our Solution:
· Without any programming or ecommerce investment, you can allow potential advertisers to buy ad space right on your site.
By simply implementing our advertising solution on any of your pages, advertisers can click on the pre-formatted link to start the quick and easy process.
It comes standard with all our plans.
Check out our "Seller FAQ" to find out more or click on the "Click here to buy a link" link at the bottom of the Sample SponsorBox.
· Your rotating affiliate links (or auction links, or links to whatever you have on offer), displayed throughout your site using our FREE or low-cost, hosted, "pluginable" sponsorship presentation boxes (just like the Sample SponsorBox on the right)
· Web accessable administration tools and receipts accounting (with downloading capabilities)
· Performance statistics in both html and downloadable text formats
· Three kinds of link designations: anchored, continually rotating, or rotating weighted, all chosen, created, and maintained by you
· FREE 24 / 7 support
· Visitors can save, recall, and even recommend your offers from any pc using our WishFile! feature. It comes standard with all our plans. Click on one of our sponsor links to see it in action
· Support for Google's AdSense Alternate Ads feature. Simply replace a snippet of their code with ours and serve up your own ads whenever they would otherwise display public service messages. It also comes standard with all our plans.
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