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Dear Friend,

Now you can make money AND get great exposure for your website by participating in our new 2-Tier Lifetime Affiliate Program.

You can participate in our affiliate program absolutely free and without obligation. By following our simple instructions, you can easily add an "automatic profit center" to your existing web site or online business OR earn great exposure for your site by giving away a Free SponsorBox subscription, branded with your website information, to a visitor you refer to us. If that referral EVER upgrades their subscription to a paid plan, you earn a commission, AND YOU CONTINUE TO EARN A COMMISSION EVERY TIME THEY RENEW THEIR SUBSCRIPTION! Either you make money or your site gains exposure. You can't lose!!!

Earn 20-25% commission on your sales, upgrades, or renewals
and 5% commission on sales, upgrades, or renewals generated by your sub-affiliates
appear 20-25% of the time as the first advertiser on any Free SponsorBox subscriptions you generate, or 5% of the time as the second advertiser on any Free Sponsorbox subscriptions generated by your sub-affiliates (until the subscription is upgraded to a paid version, in which case you'll get a commission)

And it doesn't stop there... you also earn a 5% commission on any ad sales by your direct referrals as well!

You can do all this just by linking to our web site. Five minutes from now you'll be up and running -  earning top notch commissions and getting great website exposure!

Selling Price
(or Appearances)
Your Commission
(or Exposure)
Free Plan
(Just 10 subscribers)
100 appearances
per month
times 10
1,000 appearances
Every Month!
Intermediate Plan
(Just 10 subscribers - 25% commission)
3 mos. @ $29.85
times 10
Every Quarter!
Professional Plan
(Just 10 subscribers - 20% commission)
6 mos. @ $119.70
times 10
Every 6 Months!

Do the math for 100 subscribers, or a thousand, and the numbers Explode!
And that's not even counting earnings from sub-affiliates. These earnings are yours for the life of any subscribers referred by you or your sub-affiliates.

We've used our 20 years of information systems and marketing experience to provide you with advanced visitor tracking tools, real-time reporting, and quarterly commission checks, so you can be assured of receiving all commissions and appearances you generate.

Here are some great reasons for you to sign up now:

Answers To
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's a 2-tier program?

Answer: A 2-tier program allows you to make money directly by referring visitors who become paid subscribers AND from commissions earned by "sub-affiliates" you've also referred to our program. Your website advertisement will also appear in any Free Sponsorbox subscriptions generated by you or your sub-affiliates.

Question: Why aren't you using Commission Junction, for instance, instead of running your own affiliate program?

Answer: So as to pass the savings on to you, in the form of higher commissions AND no affiliate program fees (as were recently introduced by CJ). It's much more expensive to use Commission Junction to manage an affiliate program (and we've never been convinced that what they have to offer is worth the money). Instead, we've leveraged our years of development experience to provide you with sophisticated features to help you measure and see the effectiveness of your efforts AND to offer you something other than money (but arguably just as valuable) whenever you generate Free SponsorBox subscriptions. And, we're able to make changes immediately in reponse to your suggestions and feedback. Try getting that from Commission Junction.

Question: What tools do I get to promote this program after I sign up?

Answer: You'll receive complete access to our promotional tools, banners, text links, and even your own Free subscription to our Basic SponsorBox Plan. Use it to promote your affiliate links to potential subscribers of our program. Use all the tools, and get a feel for how they work yourself. And by all means, give us some feedback on how you think we can make it even better.

Question: If I have questions now, or once I've signed up, can I get answers or help?

Answer: Absolutely. We can be reached in many different ways to answer your questions. Via email at Via our contact form.
Or via phone at +(401) 658-1672.

Question: Why use PayPal to handle affiliate payments?

Answer: Because it's the most efficient and flexible way to make payments to affiliates. By us using PayPal, YOU decide how often to draw funds, YOU choose the currency, and YOU enjoy the convenience of online banking. Frankly, we don't know why more organizations don't use them.

Question: I've never used PayPal before. How do I sign up?

Answer: Sign up for a new Free PayPal business account by clicking here. It's a secure page, and your information is kept private. Any other questions you may have can be answered at PayPal's site.

More Questions? Send us an email at We'd be glad to answer them!

Share in the Continuing Success of Our Affiliate Program!

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